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Car Service


Car Wash


Alignment and Balancing

Car servicing is the most important factor to determine life and performance of car. Timely service could potentially increase life of car by 100%, whereas ignoring timely service will not only hamper the life of car but could also increase the cost of driving and maintain sustainably.

Changing oil is important and so is alignment of the wheel. People focus of every small detail of car while servicing. But when it comes to car washing, they often ignore that and consider it as once of the extra activity and ignore it to save few penny and time. What we don’t understand is that washing a car is not only about keeping it clean, but it is also closely related to performance of the car.

Have you recently hit a pothole? or does your car pull to one side? or having troubles with excessive tyre wear? A better alignment and balance can improve the safety of your car greatly. Our top notch quality and state of the art equipments help you getting rid of such problems



Only three things in life are certain – Birth, Death and getting Dents and Scratches on paint of your car. You might want to control all but certainly Birth and Death are beyond your control. However you can surly control Dents and Scratches of the car. And if not then we are here to help you.


A/C Service

Your car’s air conditioning system needs regular attention to make sure its working effectively , especially in the city’s scorching heat. Degraded air conditioning systems will be less effective and have to work harder, therefore using more fuel. Thus, it is very important for you to get your air conditioning system serviced frequently to save fuel and thus money as well as environment. We offer complete air conditioning recharge services

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